Is CBD Oil Worth Buying Or Is It A Waste?

CBD oil is argued to be a placebo by some. Usually, those are people who have used cannabis recreationally and do not notice the effect that CBD oil has because they are expecting it to get them high like marijuana. There are good arguments to be had that it is not a placebo because of the way it interacts with certain diseases. For instance, CBD oil has been found to control caesars in people with certain types of epilepsy.


I have met plenty of people who started to use cannabis as a way to concur the inability to sleep. While THC is not in itself sedative, it does relax the person who is using it, this can help people fall asleep. The relaxation effect is not just from the THC, it is also induced by the cannabis compound found in the drug. The cannabis compound found in marijuana contains some of the relaxation effects without the psychedelic effects of marijuana.

Perhaps An Appropriate Alternative When It Comes To Mental Illness

THC can greatly interfere when it comes to the treatment of mental illness. This is due to THC’s ability to clog and effect most of the receptors in the brain. Once those receptors are interacting with marijuana, they cannot interact with psychiatric medication. This can destabilize those with psychiatric conditions. It is much less harmful to those who suffer from mild conditions versus those who suffer from severe.

It Can Tame An Oral Fixation

A lot of people who smoke not only suffer from an addiction to nicotine, but also the habit of smoking something. That is why many choose to vape, it satisfies the addiction but also allows them to suck on something. Vaping CBD oil may lead to a greater chance of eventually quitting. CBD oil curves the urge for nicotine by allowing you to vape something else for a while instead. It is also helpful to people trying to quite smoking because of the relaxing effect of CBD oil which helps with the unpleasant effects of nicotine oil.


Those with anxiety often feel the need to satisfy compulsions. Some skin pick,others check the stove over and over again. Having something to vape on that also calms the mind can relax the person so that they lead a more productive day. Anxiety can be a living hell, some choose THC to curve it.This can actually destroy the productivity level you’ll have through the day as THC relaxes people a little too much. CBD oil relaxes you, but not enough to interfere with work; therefore, it’s a responsible alternative.

Negative Effect: It’s Easy For Teens To Get

It only takes an adult to buy a juul and a CBD oil pod to give it to minor before it is in their hands. This can lead to an unhealthy habit for children.

Is It Worth It?

If you are interested in any of the benefits it is known to have, it is certainly worth trying. If these benefits do not seem to be important to you. It may be less alluring to you, but still worth a try if you think you may like it.

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